Perfecture Phthiotis is one of the regional units of Greece. The capital is the city of Lamia. The name dates back to ancient times. It is best known as the home of Achilles. Fthiotida offers accommodation facilities in hotels and the local cuisine served in restaurants is rather famous for grilled meat and meat on the spit. History of Fthiotida The region of Fthiotida was inhabited at least since the Bronze Age with the most important period of its development around the 5th century BC and later on passed under the dominion of Philip B the Macedon and then under the Romans. There have been found many historical evidences of important Christian activity during Byzantine years. In 1218 it was conquered by the Despot of Epirus and the castle of Lamia was then given to later Duke of Athens William de la Roche. Since 1446 it passed under the Turks until the liberation of the area in 1832-1833. Sightseeing in Fthiotida The region has many traditional villages that offer the ideal surroundings for relaxation like Amfikleia and Pavliani. In the modern city of Lamia you can find lively nightlife while on the hill of the city the Fortress of Lamia still dominates the site. The most interesting site on the way to the north is the site of Thermopylae where the famous battle of the 300 brave Spartans fighting against Persians took place. By the seaside of Fthiotida there are some summer resorts like Kammena Vourla and Stylida, while here it is also Agios Constantinos, the main ferry gate to the islands of Sporades.

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