The prefecture of Ioannina, like most of the Greek mainland, is not as popular as the islands among tourists. However, the region, along with its natural beauty, is quite remarkable and interesting historic attractions. Apart from the city of Ioannina, these are: The oracle of Dodona and the archaeological site of the amphitheater. The Vikos-Aoos, including Vikos gorge, through which flows the river Voidomatis. The villages of Zagori, in part, to the Vikos-Aoos National Park. Papigo, one of the villages of Zagoria, a ski resort that is particularly popular with the Greeks, and a popular starting point for hiking and mountaineering. Mount Smolikas, at 2,637 meters the second highest mountain in Greece. Metsovo, in winter, a ski resort. The Perama caves, a few kilometers northeast of Ioannina. The monument Zalogo for women of Souli. Kalpaki War Museum. Bourzani bridge near Melissoptera. Paul History Museum Vrellis Greeks, the most famous wax museum in Greece At Perama, 4 km NW, a very frequented touristy village, famous for its silver craft workshops and its popular-art shops. The imposing cave of Perama was discovered in 1940. This cave is one of the largest in the country and contains rare types of stalactites and stalagmites. The Amfithea area has many popular taverns and entertainment clubs. At Katsika, 6 km SE from the city of Ioannina, a settlement which contains model apiculture and dairy-farm facilities. Its taverns make it a popular destination. The nearby village of Dafnoula provides a wonderful view. At Ligiades, 12.5 km NE, a village built on mount Mitsikeli, with a wonderful view of Ioannina and the lake. You can follow a wonderful trail down to the historical monastery of Dourahani, on the eastern banks of the lake.

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