The Prefecture of Pella is located in the western part of the Region of Central Macedonia and borders to the west with the Region of Western Macedonia, specifically with N. Florina, to the north with Skopje (FYROM). A large proportion of the county is covered by arable land, forests and pastures. The natural environment and the ecosystems of the Prefecture are also of particular interest (mountainous volumes of Vorra, Pinouvo, Genas, Vermio and Paikos, Vegoritida and Agra lakes, Edessaios (Voda), Moglenitsa, Aliakmonas, Loudias). In antiquity, the area around the modern Pella regional unit was part of the ancient greek Kingdom of Macedon. It later became part of the Roman Empire and later the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires. Following approximately 500 years of Ottoman rule, it rejoined Greece in 1913, following the Balkan Wars. Tourism and sightseeing Pella archaeological site. Pozar thermal baths Kaimaktsalan ski resort. Ancient Pella and Archaeological Museum of Pella: The capital of ancient Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great and King Phillip II left a number of archaeological findings which are now housed in the Palace and the New Museum. Loudias River: A river 7 km from Giannitsa has a canoe, kayak and rowing center[citation needed] Waterfalls in the city of Edessa Pozar thermal baths: The hot springs are located in a mountainous area (altitude 360–390 m) and occupy an area of 75 acres. Five spa gush along the warm river, which continues to flow in the basin of Almopia. Near the baths is the gorge of Baths, Folk - Paleontological Museum, Caves, The Black forest Kaimaktsalan ski resort: Mount Kaimaktsalan or Vorras is the third largest in height mount in Greece (altitude 2524 mtr). There is a ski area with 16 ski slopes. At the foot of the mountain there is the village of Agios Athanasios. Giannitsa Ottoman monuments: At the city of Giannitsa there are a lot of buildings from the Ottoman period like the Clock Tower, Mausoleum and baths of Gazi Evrenos, House of Emin Bey, The Baths and the mausoleum of Ahmet Bey, Mosque of Sheikh Ilachi, Mosque of Iskender Bey.

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