Sikinos is a Cycladic island of the Aegean Sea, located between Ios and Folegandros. It has 250 permanent residents who are engaged in fishing, livestock, beekeeping and tourism. Sikinos has three settlements: Alopronia,Village and Kastro. Alopronia is also the port of the island. From Alopronia starts the bus to Chora and Episkopi and the boat for excursions to the remote beaches of the island. The island's castle is built on the edge of the cliff above the sea, it is an old fortified settlement of the 15th century. There is the square, the town hall, the doctor's office and the shops. Τhe temple of Episkopi, which is approximately 4 km from the center of the island and was used as a Christian temple in the early Christian years of Sikinos. The largest beach of Sikinos, Livadi, is adjacent to Alopronia, where one can enjoy excellent swimming or a delicious meal at the tavernas by the seaside. Sikinos has been producing lots of grapes and wine since the ancient times. This is why the ancient byname of Sikinos was Oinoi, since "oinos" means "wine" in Greek Wine, grapes, olive oil, cereals and dairy are typical products of Sikinos. Lately bee-keeping is flourishing as an increasing number of young people are producing excellent quality honey. People of Sikinos are open, welcoming, caring for their land and they are relentless in teasing, outstanding in dancing or singing, and tireless of having fun.

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