Pogoni : Immerse into Tradition with Local Festivals

Pogoni : Immerse into Tradition with Local Festivals

Local festivals in Pogoni are an important part of its tradition. They are a reunion of all Pogonisians from every part of the world and a return to their homeland. The festivals are held here for over 100 years and if the visitor wishes to really come into contact with the culture of the region then must attend at least one of them. Usually festivals take place for 2 days, from morning till late at night. The preparation of the festival starts 3 days before and the food preparation just starts the night before, from people who know the traditional recipes. The recipes are inherited from generation to generation intact and are prepared in the same traditional way: in large cauldrons in the same respectful way every time.pogoni festival

During these festivals other dishes are also served as well as a lot of local wine and raki, always under the sound of Pogonisian music. For each village this event is a great celebration and that is why all inhabitants help: the young and the older. The festival always starts with the “Lament” and continues with the song in honor of the festival’s cooks. Then the dishes are served: the first day “Kavromas” (meat cooked with onions) and “Kofto” (wheat cookes with meat), while the second day traditional pasta with meat. Also salads and pies made by village women are served.

The dance always begins with foreigners in other words those who come from the surrounding villages. The festival heats up mainly on the second day when the villagers dance and always closes with “Lament” and with the same promise every year: to meet again here next year, all together.

The Pogonisian festivals are taking place mostly in the summer especially in July and August and you definitely should not miss …

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